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Founded in 1992 by David Lee, a well respected member of the  Printing and Office Supply Business in West Virginia, Lee Graphics, Inc. became Lee Graphics Printing and Office Supplies, Inc. when David Sager and Jack Crutchfield acquired the company in January of 2012. The name “Lee” was retained as a tribute to the reputation and standing that David Lee had in the Printing Industry. In addition the volume already in place, Jack and David brought a block of their own business that immediately doubled the size of the company.

With the acquisition of one division of McGee’s Office supplies in July of 2012, another segment of the market in Charleston, WV was added. Along with McGee’s, sales territory development pushed the volume of the company to roughly triple the original volume at acquisition by May of 2013, when Joe Chirico became a full partner. With Joe’s experience, knowledge, and relationships in the industry,company growth is projected to be five times the original size of the company by the end of 2014.

Headquartered in St. Albans, WV, Lee Graphics Printing and Office Supplies, Inc. is dedicated to partnerships and offering and full line of Printing, Office Supply, Janitorial, and Furniture Products to the seven states that we currently service. Our goal is honesty, trust and having the customer know, that whatever it takes, We will see the job through to completion!


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